Reimagine Health

The Pharmacy Innovation Lab (PIL LAB) is reimagining the future of healthcare. The Lab is an association of School of Pharmacy faculty/students, University of Pittsburgh partners, clinicians, retail chains, hospitals, long-term care pharmacies, and patients working together to identity problems and innovate solutions.

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Brining entrepreneurship, innovation, and design to healthcare. Learners engage with core faculty with expertise across many fields. Practice innovation methods, frame business problems, apply rapid iteration prototype, and develop leadership skills. 

Improve healthcare outside the walls of a clinic. Our research, special topics/independent studies, business cases, and side projects blend the problem solving and cutting edge of technology, education, and (dare we say) fun. 

Hack healthcare with PittChallenge. Learn about the future of healthcare today in from our researchers. Join hundreds of innovators across health, technology, education, business, and art.