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MEDIvate – Medication Lists

PittPharmacy; w. Dr. Phil Empey  At discharge, patients leave with complex medication regimens, limited instruction, and a medication list different from the regimen known to providers. Solution went live and was testing in clinical setting  Outcome: Publication Journal of the American Pharmacists

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Smart Speaker Technology in Pharmacy

PittPharmacy; Technology Implementation Stakeholders  Smart Speakers are a growing consumer engagement method.  With close to one quarter of all homes connecting with these devices, pharmacy has limited leverage of this unique technology. Students and reviews the current landscape of technology for opportunities and possible methods for healthcare to leverage this unique consumer technology.  Outcomes: Student…
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Augmented and Virtual Reality

PittPharmacy; School of Computing and Information  • Training in psycho motor skills are limited across health professions. This development has cross from Pharmacy skills in compounding to include surgical practice with screw placement.  • Presentation – International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare  (January 2019) 

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