Innovation Meet-up – Summer 2021

Reimagine Health

A review of work from the Pharmacy Innovation Lab from Summer 2021

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Medical Cannabusy, Learning Python

Rose Rattner, PharmD 2024 

Gathering resources for the (Student Society of Cannabis Pharmacists) to enhance the curriculum regarding medical cannabis and to encourage students to join SSCP & advocateCompleted readings and assignments for the Python class to provide feedback for next semester 

Medication Adherence Research

Margaret Schmidt, PharmD 2023

Kayo Tsuchihashi, PharmD 2023 

Special Topics project analyzing nonadherence from a community pharmacist perspective and how interventions are currently made; continued work from a previous research project analyzing nonadherence behaviors from a patient perspective  

User Experience Survey: V-safe

Gianna Emmett, PharmD 2022 

Research project surveying COVID-19 vaccine recipients to analyze who used V-safe, motivations for using or not using V-safe, and barriers to use 

Virtual PIER 2021

Jaccie Hisasihma, PharmD 2023 

Exposing the versatility of a PharmD Degree, A 5 to 6 week-long spring and summer program with virtual webinars covering different fields of pharmacy to expose students to different roles that pharmacists have   

RxPLORE Summer Camp

Benjamin Johnson, PharmD 2023 

Samantha Hohman, PharmD 2023 

Innovative and interactive pharmacy summer camp for rising junior and senior high school students   

Middle School Computer Game – Read to Lead

Jaccie Hisashima, PharmD 2023

Benjamin Johnson, PharmD 2023

Margaret Schmidt, PharmD 2023 

Series of educational game-based experiences created by student pharmacists in collaboration with partner Classroom Inc./Read-to-Lead. This game will connect middle school students with patient cases to help support critical thinking, socio-emotional decision making, and learning about pharmacy practice. 

Digital Health in Diabetes

Daniel Dahmer, PharmD 2022

James Mattis, PharmD 2022 

Wrote a white paper detailing the evolving role pharmacists have in diabetes care teams as digital health products targeting diabetes care become more widely-used  

 Drug Formulations Research

Matthew Grubic, PharmD 2023 

Internship with Janssen examining pharmacist role in research and development to bridge the gap between benchtop & bedside and to optimize current practice in drug development  

PittChallenge Hackathon

Matthew Grubic, PharmD 2023 

48 hour virtual hackathon in which students from pharmacy, other health sciences, humanities students, and other technical fields (computer science, business) come together to solve healthcare problems.  

The future of phARmacy

Arjun Narain, PharmD 2024 

The role of augmented reality in pharmacy