Pharmacy Innovation

PHARM 5820 (Fall) , PHARM 5821(Spring) 

The goal of this course is to introduce innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship for pharmacy students.  Taking on Projects with external stakeholder, teams demonstrate value of innovation in practice. (1 credit)

"I found this class to be essential in re-engineering our thinking and encouraging us to be proactive and innovative pharmacists. "
Innovation Course
Python, Data, Machine Learning – PHARM 5835
(Spring, occasional Summers)

This course series will provide an introduction to programming, data processing, and data analytics in healthcare. These courses will focus on learning about languages, data in the context of practice, opportunities to address care through technology. (3 credits) 

"In honesty, this class is like a breath of fresh air. It forces us to have to understand progressively more complex topics and challenges us to think"
Python Course

Independent Study – (Fall, Spring, Summer) 

In this structure learners and faculty collaborate on specific projects to find the best fit for practice and educational needs to accomplish something great together

Previous/Occasional Offerings:


Reinventing the Incumbent – PHARM 5835 (Fall)

The goal of this course series is to introduce didactic and experiential elements of entrepreneurship for pharmacy students. This course offers students the foundations required to successfully understand, create, and execute entrepreneurial ideas in pharmacy. (1 credit)

Side Project

Building value with your spare time – PHARM 5836 (Spring)

The Side Project introduces you to the core methods and models of designing and developing innovative products and services, implementation of key components, and how the results are managed and synthesized. (1 credit)