Admissions Calendar



Admissions Calendar for Fall 2021

May – September
Register for the PCAT exam and have scores sent to PharmCAS code 104. Applications are not complete until PCAT scores are received. Only completed applications are eligible for review and an interview.
July – November
PittPharmacy admits candidates on a rolling basis.  PharmCAS application and submit by midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 1. However, It is highly recommended to submit the PharmCAS application by November 1. It takes approximately four (4) weeks for PharmCAS to verify applications once e-submitted and transcripts are received.
September – October
Download Transcript Request Form from PharmCAS and submit a transcript request to ALL institutions attended. It is recommended to request that transcripts be submitted to PharmCAS in September. All transcripts must be received for PharmCAS verification.
November 1 – December 1
RECOMMENDED to e-submit PharmCAS application and official transcripts, application fee, and three (3) required recommendations are received by PharmCAS.
To eliminate any unforeseen problems, it is recommended that you submit your application early; between November 1 and December 1. This will ensure eligibility to update fall grades and if any issues arise, they can be investigated and resolved before the January  deadline.
December 15 – January 31
PharmCAS updates available. Once PharmCAS has verified your application and released the information to us, you will be notified by PharmCAS of your eligibility and instructions to update fall grades. Download a Transcript Request Form from PharmCAS and submit to the institution where fall grades were obtained. Note: Fall grades cannot be updated until PharmCAS verifies and releases your application to us. If you waited until December 1 to e-submit, you will not be eligible to update fall grades until mid-January.
October – March
Interviews scheduled by invitation only. (Dates TBA)

Calendar of events after accepting offer of admissions

May 15
Admitted students must submit spring grades to the School of Pharmacy.
June 1
Admitted students must submit summer class schedule (if it differs from what was specified on the Academic Prerequisite Record) and official transcripts from institutions other than the University of Pittsburgh must be submitted by June 1, 2021.
June – August
As soon as summer course grades are posted – submit summer transcripts to the School of Pharmacy.
Thursday and Friday in August (August 19 and 20, 2021)
Mandatory orientation for accepted students.  First day of class – August 23, 2021