Dismissal and Readmission to the Program

Petition for Re-admission


Students who have resigned from the program or have been dismissed (not permitted to register) from the program will not be considered for re-admission for at least six months after the date of dismissal. After this time, students may submit a petition for re-admission to the chair of the APC. If the APC determines that there are sufficient grounds for re-admission, and class space is available in that current professional year, students will be re-admitted, will follow acourse of study determined by the APC, and must conform to any curricular changes that have occurred since they were last enrolled.


Dismissed Students, Three Years Later


Students who have been dismissed and who petition for re-admission two calendar years from the time of their dismissal are not eligible for re-admission with advanced standing. Such students must apply for re-admission as new P1 students, on a competitive basis with all other applicants for that year. Such students, if admitted, will be expected to follow the PharmD program applicable to other students admitted that year.


Regulations for Re-admitted Students


All re-admitted students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or greater and make satisfactory scholastic progress (i.e., not again be placed on academic probation) for all remaining terms to continue in the PharmD program. Re-admitted students will be evaluated at the end of each term, and failure to meet the requirements for continuing in the PharmD program will result in permanent dismissal.