Leave of Absence

Students in good academic standing may, for valid reasons, petition in writing to the assistant dean of students for a leave of absence from the program. In the written petition, the students must specify, the reason for the request and the length of the leave of absence. Unless special permission is granted by the assistant dean of students, the leave of absence may not exceed one academic year. Students who are granted a leave must notify the School registrar of theirintent to re-enter the program at least one month before the beginning of the term for which they intend to return. Students will not receive credit for any courses taken at this or any other university or college during the leave of absence. In the event that students are not able to return to the professional program by the agreed upon date, the students must submit, in writing, to the assistant dean of students the reason for not meeting this date of return and his or her intentions regarding returning to the professional program. Students who do not intend to return to the professional program must submit in writing a request for academic resignation  no later than one month prior to the agreed upon date of return.