Registration Procedure and Course Load

Registration for PharmD Courses and Credit Loads: Students in the PharmD program are expected to carry a full course load during each term of residence. The School’s Registrar completes a block registration each semester for all PharmD students enrolled in each of the 4 years of the Program. The course structure, credits and meeting times for the curriculum are pre-determined. (PharmD Course Listing) Students in the first two professional years are classified as undergraduate students and are enrolled in 15 and 16 credits respectively for each of the first two years. During Professional year 3 and 4 students are classified as graduate students. During the third professional year students may select 3 credits of professional elective each term for a total course load of 15 credits each semester. The School’s registrar also completes registration for elective courses as well.Professional year four spans three semesters (Summer, Fall and Spring) with several options for units earned per semester for a total of 37 units for the year.