Providing comprehensive care to older adults and empowering first-year students to practice patient-centered care.

Language Ambassador Program

Multilingual students are available at select sites to overcome language barriers and deliver care.

Our students have proficiency in the following languages: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, Arabic


Immunizations play an important role in the health of our seniors, so pharmacy students will screen for vaccines that seniors qualify for. Pharmacists and residents will be on site to administer vaccines.

Preventative Screening

Students are available to screen for multiple conditions and can help start a  conversation about additional testing or drug therapy.



How Our Program is Received

“A great opportunity for us to develop patient care skills as student pharmacists… opportunities like SilverScripts are jump-starting our professional development early on in our careers.”
Student pharmacist

“I had my whole [medication] list and it
was nice for me to ask questions and for him to learn, too. I had a few things that I knew that I wanted to talk to my doctor about based on
what we talked about in the interview.”
Senior Community Member

“It gives them [the seniors] the opportunity to talk freely where they are comfortable, and that’s why it’s
a good program.”
Community Center Coordinator

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Blood Pressures

Medication Reviews