About us

News of the lab:

  • We have successfully performed a genome-wide “gain-of-function” CRISPR screening to identify master regulator lncRNAs in tumor immunology. The paper is now available on Sicence Advances. Congratulations to the first authors Yifei Wang, Yueshan Zhao, and Weiwei Guo.
  • Dr. Yang served as multiple roles in grant review study sections, including as Chair for a DoD BCRP study section and as ad hoc reviewer for NIH CG and GCAT study sections!
  • Our lncRNA tumor immunology paper has been published on Science Advances. Congratulations to first authors Weiwei Guo, Yue Wang, and Min Yang!
  • Dr. Da Yang received a new R01 from NCI to study lncRNA and Drug Metabolism and Disposition!
  • Dr. Dhamotharan Pattarayan has joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow scientist. Dhamo will work on our tumor immunology project.

About the Yang Lab

Da Yang, MD, PhD

Our lab studies cancer pharmacogenomics by integrating bioinformatics and experimental tools. We are specifically focused on identifying novel disease-driving none-coding RNAs (ncRNAs), modeling ncRNA down-stream regulatory network, and characterizing ncRNAs’ function in cancer therapy using in vivo and in vitro cancer models. Our integrative strategy has led to the discovery of novel RNA genes that serve as master regulators of drug resistance in ovarian and breast cancers by regulating EMT (Cancer Cell, 2013) and DNA repair pathway (JNCI, 2015; JAMA, 2011; Theranostics, 2020a). We have successfully built and identified key RNA-targets regulatory network for cancer metastasis and drug resistance (Clin Cancer Res, 2014 and PNAS, 2015; Theranostics, 2020b). Recently, we performed an integrated analysis of the lncRNA-drug interaction landscape and cloned a novel intergenic lncRNA gene that promotes breast cancer tumorigenesis through inhibiting tumor immune response  (Cancer Cell, 2018; Nat Commun, 2018; Science Advances, 2020; Science Advances, 2022). 

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