Postdoc Position Available

A postdoctoral researcher position is available now in the lab of Dr. Da Yang at department of pharmaceutical sciences in University of Pittsburgh. Prior training in molecular and cell biology, protein biochemistry and mammalian cell culture techniques is required. The emphasis of the project is on cancer signaling pathway, using molecular, biochemical, and cellular approaches, as well as mammalian models.

Our research uses computational and experimental approaches to understand the molecular mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression, and to develop novel approaches/markers for personalized cancer medicine. The pursuit of these goals has resulted in high impact publications, a vibrant training environment, and the identification of novel biomarker for cancer precision medicine (JAMA, 2011; PNAS, 2015) and anti-cancer drug candidates (Cancer Cell, 2013; Clinic Cancer Res, 2014). More information can be found at Research.

The successful candidate will enjoy a stimulating multidisciplinary environment and training as part of our personalized medicine initiatives and exceptional bioinformatics support from high-throughput genomics & clinical data (e.g. TCGA and ICGC projects). The candidate must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree. Experience in lncRNA related research is preferred but not required. Interested applicants should e-mail the CV, a description of past research accomplishments, and the name and contact information of at least 3 references to Dr. Da Yang (